The General Data Protection Regulation requirements are real. 

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Are you ready?

Violating the GDPR carries significant risks and erodes customer trust while early adoption offers real business advantages. If you haven't started preparing, you are already behind your competition.Contact us today and let's get your GDPR ready. Get out ahead of your competition by being GDPR ready .

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Why CompliancePoint?

One size does not fit all.Our team of experts take a 360-degree view of your specific privacy control requirements and needs to help build an information privacy framework that is as efficient as it is effective. Using your existing practices to build out synergies and identify gaps, CompliancePoint experts lead the way to a strategic, secure and compliant information privacy framework that you can count on.

Let us help you identify:

  • How GDPR applies to your organization
  • What departments will be impacted
  • What approach and tactics need to be applied to vendors
  • Real world solutions to your compliance challenges

Legal requirements and consumer expectations are higher than ever and those standards will only continue upwards.Mitigate your risks and stand out from your competitors by beginning your GDPR compliance journey today.

  • Find

  • Fix

  • Manage

FIND your gaps, risks and synergies as CompliancePoint experts lead you through the steps necessary to become GDPR ready.

CompliancePoint knows how to prepare for success. Utilizing our experience and expertise, we help our clients readiness efforts through an organized methodical measurement of key areas such as governance and operation and technology controls. Unlike standard automated tools or SaaS solutions, we work with you to put your inventory into the context of your business data requirements, usage and permissions. Offering insights to help identify your complete data flow, determine existing synergies with information security controls, or providing technology solutions to help find data, when you partner with CompliancePoint you can expect us to roll up our sleeves and lead the way to:

  • Data discover, inventory & mapping
  • Strategic recommendation to comply
  • Vendor risk assessment
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FIX your compliance gaps, increase your efficiencies and let us show you how to leverage current processes to ensure compliance and reduce liability at critical data touch-points.

We can help your organization:

  • Prioritize remediation efforts
  • Create strategies to gain immediate and measurable progress
  • Provide the insights needed to build an achievable road map to GDPR readiness
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MANAGE and monitor your business practices to ensure ongoing compliance keeping you ahead of the game as privacy requirements and expectations continue to evolve and expand.

Performing ad-hoc audits, helping control risks with third parties, or performing various assurance activities, you can count on CompliancePoint to provide:

  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Access to our proprietary OnePoint Portalâ„¢
  • Ongoing program management
  • Progress tracking
  • Vendor risk management monitoring
  • Attestation of Compliance
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
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